Borehole Geophysics - Well Logging

  • Full suite of geophysical logging tools from Robertson Geologging (USA), Inc.
  • Dual view color video camera from Aries CCV Engineering
  • Downview color video camera from WellVu
  • Hydraulic draw-works mounted within a 16 foot custom trailer.
  • Logging depth range of 0 to 4000 feet; well diameters ideally 4 inches or greater.
  • Printrex 843DL/G grayscale printer at office and in trailer
  • 24-inch large format color plotter
  • WellCAD software for final logs

A special note:  We will not knowingly perform geophysical or video logging within any well that contains or is thought to contain contaminants.  We are not an environmental firm in that sense, and do not have the certifications and insurance to operate in such conditions.

RMBAKER Well Logging Brochure
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RMBAKER Logging Tools
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Our logging services at a glance:

  • Normal 8"/16"/32"/64" resistivities (Electric log w/ natural gamma)

  • Natural gamma can be measured by four separate tools in counts-per-second (CPS)
  • Dual induction (20" & 32" spacings) w/ natural gamma
  • Fluid temperature w/differential
  • Fluid conductivity w/differential and normalized to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Caliper (3-arm, up to 60" diameters) w/ natural gamma
  • Sonic Log, borehole compensated w/ full waveform and VDL
  • Cement bond log w/ VDL
  • High resolution acoustic televiewer (HRAT)-borehole imaging
  • Dual-view video inspection camera (4"+ well diameters)
  • Downview well inspection and reconnaissance camera (2"+ well diameters to 280 ft)
  • Impeller flowmeter w/ natural gamma
  • Gas/fluid sampler (1-liter sealed chamber)

We use an Aries CCV BT9600 dual view color camera for most wells.  Additionally we have a small diameter color camera for smaller inspection and reconnaissance projects.


We log with a 1/4-inch coaxial reinforced cable to which our camera electronics have been optimized for video quality with a depth range to 4300 feet.  A single robotic camera offers both downview and sideview with full 360 degree rotation, variable brightness control, manual focus, and variable rotation speeds.  We can offer three different light sources; an LED ring light, a 12-inch or 18-inch mast with very bright incandescent bulbs.


Within the logging trailer video can be viewed on two flat screen monitors that can face fore or aft, or on a laptop computer during video capture. Our video is redundantly recorded onto both a hard disk drive recording deck and through a video capture device to a personal computer.  DVD and/or movie file products are available onsite, or we can provide copies of archived files at a later time.

Our digitally captured videos can be edited and uploaded using "cloud" technologies directly from the site, making them available for viewing on computers or mobile devices within minutes after the video work is completed!  Field uploads are best with short video segments less than 10 minutes or 100mb, although we can upload a full-sized 4GB video movie file for downloads using broadband connections.


Our smaller diameter downview color camera has a depth range of 280 feet.  This camera is ideal for tight spaces, well "fishing" explorations, and well construction explorations.  The entire video system is very field portable, allowing us to access shallow wells in much tighter spaces.  The video can be viewed on a field monitor, and is recorded by a DVR onto an SD memory card in AVI format.  The AVI format can be converted to MP3.


We offer a simple borehole video log as a consulting service upon request.  After collecting the video data, we will provide captured still images in a report format that describe any significant conditions within the well.


A note on formats:  DVD's use an industry standard video_ts format.  These formats can be displayed on personal computers but are more seamlessly viewed on true DVD players.  Our movie files are Apple Quicktime movies ideal for computers but also easily viewed on almost any smartphone or mobile device.

Click here to see a few sample Videos linked from YouTube at smart phone resolutions.

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