We are a full service borehole geophysical logging company for water supply wells, monitor wells, well rehabilitations and well condition assessments.

We offer video and geophysical logs from a deep well trailer setup or a shallow well portable setup.

We regularly perform advanced analytics to determine coastal saltwater and USDW boundaries or to correlate log data to intrusive groundwater chlorides.

We perform borehole logging, sample classification and resource modeling of economic minerals.

Our in-house logging suite provides information regarding borehole diameter, formation resistivity and porosity, water quality and temperature, flow and production rates, natural gamma radiation, and casing cementation bond, among others.



We explore and provide authoritative GIS maps and digital datasets of ponds, lakes, rivers and estuaries using low-cost sonar and GPS methods.


For larger waterbodies we can deploy an 18-foot shallow draft skiff equipped with transom or side-mounted transducers, an autopilot and a 16-inch monitor.

For smaller explorations, or limited access waterbodies, we can deploy a remotely controlled portable USV equipped with autonavigation and telemetry.

Exploration work products can include bathymetry, bottom composition or hardness, vegetation detection and biomass percentage, water volumes, water temperature profiles, side scan sonar mosaics, among others.  Water quality parameters temperature, conductivity and dissolved oxygen can be spatially mapped by either vessel.

Our work products are ideal for explorations of managed waterbodies, mine ponds, ERP's, mitigation bank crediting, and seagrass or nuisance vegetation explorations.

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RMBAKER is a Florida limited liability company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orange County.  We are a DBPR licensed geology business.  We perform geological and geophysical explorations to identify and map subsurface or subaqueous conditions not otherwise easily observed. 

RMBAKER'S services are used for projects related to ground- and surface-water resources.  Groundwater work ranges from studies of shallow coastal salinity intrusions to explorations of deep alternative aquifers, combined with everyday well condition assessments and well construction determinations.  Surface water work includes detailed mapping of waterbodies using sonar methods combined with water quality observations.


RMBAKER’s mission as a geology business is to provide consistent customer value through competitive levels of technology, quality and service, while maintaining high standards of integrity, ethical conduct and social responsibility.


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