RMBAKER is a dynamic boutique firm providing world-class geological and geophysical services.

We are small because we choose to be that way.


Our strengths are Expertise in a wide array of geoscience fields and the Integrity to present science and data-based results, not desired outcomes.

We provide frequent high quality Personalized contact with unparalleled project Continuity, because every task from field work to interpretation to reporting is performed by one expert who is a Florida-licensed Professional Geologist.

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Robert M. Baker, CPG, PG
Founder and Principal

Robert M. Baker, CPG, PG is the founder, managing member, and principal consultant for RMBAKER LLC, and is a licensed professional geologist in Florida. Mr. Baker has been a full time consultant since 1995, and a business owner since 2004.

Mr. Baker graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology in 1992 and from the University of Florida with a Master's in Geology in 1996.


Mr. Baker is an American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) Certified Professional Geologist (CPG).  By virtue of educational background, professional experience, peer sponsorships and proven performance a CPG license is issued to a geologist committed to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity and conduct.

Mr. Baker is an experienced expert witness.


RMBAKER LLC specializes in providing answers to challenging geological and subsurface questions, often through the use of sophisticated geophysical measurements and analyses.  We perform geological and geophysical explorations to identify and map subsurface or subaqueous conditions not otherwise easily observed.


Currently our methods are used for projects related to ground- and surface-water resources.  Groundwater work ranges from studies of shallow coastal salinity intrusions to explorations of deep alternative aquifers, combined with ordinary well condition assessments and well construction determinations.  Surface water work is focused on water quality monitoring integrated with methods of mapping and monitoring aquatic vegetation.

We provide SAV-mapping as an independent geophysical provider with no ties to mitigation and treatment companies.

RMBAKER’s mission as a geology business is to provide consistent customer value through competitive levels of technology, quality and service, while maintaining high standards of integrity, ethical conduct and social responsibility.

The Profession of Geology is defined by Chapter 492 of the Florida Statutes.  The Florida Board of Professional Geologists has created a list of traditional tasks performed by a licensed geologist, and by extension uses this list to help identify any unlicensed activities.  The National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) also details tasks to be performed by licensed professionals.  The "use of wireline geophysical instruments" is a regulated task listed by both entities.

For any project where well logging and well video are performed there must ultimately be a qualified professional to certify the results.  As per Chapter 492 the professional must be a licensed geologist, or with appropriate additional training a licensed engineer.  Unlicensed public and private well owners should be sure to hire a licensed well logger, such as RMBAKER, or at a minimum hire a suitably licensed consultant to certify the work of an unlicensed logger.

From the ASBOG website, "Much of today’s geological practice affects the health, safety and welfare of the public, the environment, and the economy and feasibility of engineered works. Thus the public deserves to be protected.  Unqualified geologists [or non-geologists], who are employed in jobs that affect the public, place an undue risk on the health, safety and welfare of that public."

RMBAKER is owned and operated by a Florida licensed professional geologist.  RMBAKER is capably insured to perform the tasks of a professional hired in the public interest.